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Artist Works
Category: Photography
Condition: On sale
Biography: Born in Tortosa (Tarragona)
He works in Tortosa and lives in Roquetes (Tarragona)

David begins his first steps in the world of photography in 2013 with a Samsung Galaxy S3, while starting in photography with reflex camera.

2014 makes its first photographic work in the hand of the writer Concha Jiménez, in the audiovisual presentation of the book of poems Tierras y Vientos in Tortosa (Biblioteca Marcelino Domingo) and Tarragona (Museum café).

Continuing with a fully self-taught formation, 2015 presents its first photo exhibition, entitled "Lines" at the Marcelino Domingo library, a series of 24 black and white photographs showing places in the city of Tortosa from unprecedented perspectives, showing the light as transforming the urban environment through linear forms, combining spaces and details of emblematic and contemporary sites.

The same year he was awarded the second prize of photography Sant Jordi 2015 "We are all a library" with the book "The corner of lost readings", organized by the Library.

His latest photographic series "Gods of the Earth" (2016), the artist explores the different myths and universal legends that have marked our civilization in the geological landscapes of the massif of the Ports, which submerge us, through the present zoomorphic forms , In those gods of the earth that existed in the collective imaginary of man thousands of years ago, and which were the first understandings of the world and the creation of the earth.
English speaker: Si
Website: https://fotografiadavidjim.wixsite.com/fotografiadjimenez
Participation Date: Jul 28 2017