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Artist Works
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Biography: Fashion designer and contemporary art artist Jeremy Jacotey.

After the death of his mother to his 17 years and empty of his adolescence, he found refuge and love for the design and the art.
The economic resources of a student were too low to create perfect art, but the desire to trade to the world managed to conquer the eye of his audience using recycled materials for their creations.

Likewise, in her 17 years she carried out her first catwalk with more than 15 models with recycled material clothing, captivating the attention of media and photographers of her city.

11 currently has ecological footwear at different places of El Cuernavaca Mor. Mexico
and this time I start an ecologically handmade gallery% 100,
Titled RECYCLIG by Jeremy Jacotey

A great challenge was to illustrate the design with recycled materials, but the creativity and hunger of this artist seems to have no limits.

Recycling -
A gallery of modern art focused on the design and ecology of fashion.
Made by Designer Jeremy Jacotey.

100% Handmade.
100% With recycled material.
100% Mexican.

At the beginning of the year 2017 these works were given to physically expose the public,
but now you can enjoy them virtually from wherever you are.

Facebook: Jeremy Jacotey Designer and Fashion Consultant
Instagram: jeremy_official
Whatsapp: + 52 1 999 473 70 71
English speaker: Si
Website: https://www.facebook.com/jeremyfashion/
Participation Date: August 07 2017