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Artist Works
Category: Collage
Condition: On sale
Biography: I was born in Buenos Aires at 1988 in Argentina.

I had always a taste for visiting museums, to know the work of plastic artists as well as an interest in understanding man in society.

I'm specifying my work allowing the entry of issues that have to do with man in its complex fabric. I situate myself in visual practice, letting myself be affected by the historical context, trying to reach the poetic.

I received a professor in history.

In 2009 I started the workshop experience with the plastic artist Roberto Fernández. There I worked with heterogeneous materials and techniques in the field of painting, installation and sculpture.

During the 2012 year I attended the workshop "Light as an expressive matter", dictated by the architect and set designer Margarita Hnilo, at the Recoleta Cultural Center, where I acquired notions about the effects of light as a resource.

At the 2013, I took classes from the bindery workshop dictated by Ernestina Fedrigo, getting in touch with technical knowledge, as well as materials necessary for the elaboration of artisanal books. In the same year I made a screen printing workshop with Ana Rita Gendrot, experimenting techniques on paper and fabric with non-toxic products.

During the 2015 year I attended the workshop of Mariana Felcman to deepen the work of artist books and work with pigments.


Exhibition in Anarcotaoista Festival I and II year 2016. Space House Of Lito.
Exhibition Space Rumba. Art Fair year 2015.
Special execution of 50 numbered and signed copies of "Book of Games (novel)" by Gloria Arcuschin. Lined in fabric and contain: original photographs, high quality papers painted by hand and protective case. One copy is in the Writer's Library of the Modern Art Center-Madrid, year 2014.
Visual design for the band Cosmofonicos. Stage design, CD packaging art. Year 2012.
Individual sample "NOT ALIGNED", works made in plastic, acrylics and inks. In Mendel Books bookstore, Palermo, Buenos Aires, year 2012.
ABSTRACT FILM in 16mm, based on music by Lucio O'Donnell, Zukimo Taheri. Performance performed at the Caras y Caretas Theater, San Telmo 16 in September, 2011.
SALON OF PLASTIC ARTS ON HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK. Selected box "Human value". Exhibited at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata and an itinerant show by the Province of Buenos Aires, year 2011.
IV Festival Word in the World: PLANETARY POETRY ACTION. Samples of pictures worked with synthetic enamel. Morón, year 2010.
Great Hall of Poetry of the Bicentennial: Illustrated Poems. Exposed work: "El Buen Comer" on the poem "For a school of gastronomy" by Gloria Arcuschin and "Ella baila" on the poem "She is happy while dancing" by Walter Iannelli.Teatro San Martín, City of Buenos Aires, year 2010
English speaker: Si
Website: http://alejovascoarcuschin.com
Participation Date: Feb 02 2018