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Artist Works
NAKOLO necklace
Category: Crafts
Condition: On sale
NecklaceBREA .jpg
Category: Crafts
Condition: On sale
Biography: We are Mariana and Yandyra Chagra, we grew up in Formosa - Argentina, with the sun as ruler and nature at every step in eternal naps of timeless games, in a family of artists where our taste for art and design flourished. Between brushes, fabrics and sewing machines, the art of "handmaking" developed daily between games and creating outfits to wear at parties or events.
We design inspired by the nature that surrounds us, creating and co-creating with indigenous artisans, luxury objects with contemporary and always current design, made with natural, durable and sustainable materials.
Our purpose is to transmit the values ​​in which we grew up, the nature and culture of our province. The rich experiences of our upbringing, which determined the women we became.
English speaker: No
Website: https://alwatoba.com/
Participation Date: Feb 13 2023