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Biography: Germán Díaz Sossa
He made radio and special works in the Latin American service of the BBC in London. He has written and is a correspondent for the magazine Selecciones del Reader's Digest, the best-selling magazine in the world, with nearly 30 million copies and a hundred million readers. He has been a communicator, university professor and lecturer for more than 20 years.

Monthly listen and perfect hundreds of exhibitions of professionals, amateurs and beginners.
He is the author of 12 books, six on paper and six digital, among which are published in this way, Public Leaders, Teaching Leaders, Wise Pages and The Seller Power of Telephone Attention, all 'Best Sellers' in Colombia and other countries. Intermedio Editores, Circulo de Lectores, have just launched for Colombia and the world the book SPEAK GOOD IN PUBLIC IF YOU CAN, by Germán Díaz Sossa. This book is already available in all bookstores in the country and has been published digitally by several companies worldwide. Below you can see the covers of our books.

He has obtained the most important awards that are granted worldwide to Spanish speaking communicators:
* Special Mention of the General Society of Authors of Spain.
* Co-director of the work "Gifts for the Children of Putumayo", National Simón Bolívar Award 1986.
* ORTEGA Y GASSET Hispanic American Award, granted by the newspaper EL PAIS of Spain.
* 1992 "King of Spain" World Award. This award was presented to him by King Juan Carlos de Borbón and Queen Sofía, at the Palacio de La Zarzuela, in Madrid, Spain.
* Member of the Latin American Network of Speakers, affiliated with the National Speakers Association and the Audio Publishers Association. With studies in the world institutes Og Mandino and Dale Carnegie.
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