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Buy Graphite art drawings. Graphite Original drawings for sale by talented artists of today. Buy original art.
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Intimate animal
A cat with half as we see it all and the other half when trying to see inside the animal.
Javier Figueroa Ojeda
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Bride of Frankenstein
Portrait of The Bride of Frankenstein and the Monster Portrait of Bride of Frankenstein and the monster
€ 60 EUR
Jim Parsons
Graphite portraits of recognized artists.
Angie Gabriela Coreas Romero
€ 40 EUR
The two halves of life.
Work done in one day, just one pencil and with great delicacy, advice, requests and others: danidg01@gmail.com
Daniel Díaz Gómez
€ 19 EUR
Appaloosa horse
Appaloosa horse pencil on paper
Nivle Sanchez
€ 26 EUR
11 Architectures One night in the Palace.
Graphic work by José Gabaldón on paper. From the series Surrealist architectures.
Jose Gabaldon Perez
€ 450 EUR
16 Architectures An afternoon invented.
Graphic work by José Gabaldón on paper. From the series Surrealist architectures.
Jose Gabaldon Perez
€ 350 EUR
Abstract drawing of woman sitting, waiting. Mixed technique graphite and colored pencils on cardboard
Sandra Rabotnicoff
€ 50 EUR
Work where nature mixes with the abstract
raul ciuro cherry
€ 129 EUR
Portrait made with graphite.
Ele Covelo
€ 60 EUR
Hedy Lamarr
Hedy Lamarr
Pilar Almarcha Gil
€ 45 EUR
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
HR Haroon Raja
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Michael Jordan, Great basketball player immortalized in this sheet of paper. a pride to be able to portray it
Miguel Alexander Lima Eight
Portrait of Dua lipa Country: Colombia Author: Alejandro Lopez Facebook page: Alejandro Drawings Material: Graphite pencils
Alejandro López
€ 20 EUR
Mathilda Portrait
This is a handmade portrait of Mathilda, a main character from the movie Leon the Professional.
Marina Rose
€ 20 EUR
Portrait and female body of African-American model done in pencil and charcoal on paper dina3 size. It is delivered without frame or pass
Robert De gea Nadal
€ 100 EUR
No title
graphite drawing
Juan Manuel Soto
€ 50 EUR
Human eye, drawn on graphite paper
José Sánchez Díaz
€ 20 EUR
Graphite drawing, unpublished collection.
Rodrigo Báez García
€ 50 EUR
Graphite and watercolor
Portrait in pencil and watercolor.
Veronica Coalla
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Selena Gomez
Portrait with charcoal and graphite on paper.
Antonio José Fernández Reina
€ 100 EUR
Vintage train 2
Pen and ink art
Syed akheel Syed akheel
€ 175 EUR
Portrait made with graffiti and paint
€ 250 EUR
Illustration - Portrait - Black Widow
Illustration - Freehand portrait.
Desiree Rosales R
€ 120 EUR
Custom drawings
I make realistic drawings / portraits to graphite on request (from relatives, celebrities ...). The price varies depending on the size (A4, A3 ...) and the number of people to draw in the same picture ....
Ángela Martínez
€ 30 EUR
Ragnar Lothbrok
Portrait of Ragnar Lothbrok. proteagonista of the series Vikings.
Rodrigo Ruiz Alvarez
€ 50 EUR
The Joker & Harley Quinn
Drawing of Harley Quinn and the Joker with down and graphite pencil.
Javier Jesus Chumbes Advíncula
€ 25 EUR
The Hope I (The Hope I)
The Hope I (The Hope I)
José Estrada Galindo
€ 400 EUR
Unique work inspired by the actress Lilly Collins
Mariana Monsalve Campos
€ 250 EUR
Yamaha Virago
Yamaha Virago 535 Technique: graphite pencils Size: DIN A3 Support: Canson Basik paper 130gr (C) jun. 2017 Eduardo Benito
Eduardo Benito Tomas
€ 280 EUR
original picture of the portrait of Jesus the Christ, cast in charcoal, work with signature of the author and certificate of authenticity issued by the author.
Rosendo Rojas Menendez
€ 75 EUR
I try to express the feeling of freedom that for me, involves flying; natural privilege of some living beings.
Isabel Suárez Louro
€ 110 EUR
Split woman
The work is unique, original and without reproductions
Ruben Ornelas Marquez
€ 1000 EUR
Portraits and Caricatures made by hand on request
I make portraits of people, animals, landscapes, still lifes ... Caricatures, illustrations, designs of tattoos ... Anything you can think of. Works done by hand with pencils, graphite, pens, markers ... or with a tablet ...
Laura Peralta Valero
€ 70 EUR
Portrait of Sir Ian McKellen
Graphite reproduction of the actor Ian McKellen. Made on Fabriano 4L paper, 220gsm.
Eduardo Serrano Dominguez
€ 350 EUR
you have felt something scream, but silence silences your voice, or you have felt that gravity, strong and invincible, is a majestic clue to the dancing of the leaves at ...
Johan Ricardo Grisales Rincón
€ 40 EUR
Man Praying
I made this drawing from a picture I found on the internet that I thought was beautiful. Frame of 2.5 cms and paspartout
Cris Alvarez Restrepo
€ 40 EUR
Drawing of Goku in pencil and graphite
€ 15 EUR
Bbella Frida
Work entitled Bella Frida given my love for the great artist. I focused on capturing the deep look and details of his attire.
Nairobi Baptist Tapia
€ 800 EUR
the golden Queen
Mui good
victor manuel falcon heads
€ 5000000 EUR
Look at the madness
Hyperrealist drawing.
Anthony Mendoza
€ 500 EUR
Portraits to Pencil
We can draw any photo you want, to give to your loved ones They are made in opaline paper 24x34 measures
Ezra Alexis Lozano Gutierrez
€ 20 EUR
alejandro munoz
€ 50 EUR
Paper woman
Go ahead, ask :)
€ 50 EUR
surrealism? ❤️?
Carla Limón Cruz
€ 50 EUR
Pencil drawing, horse.
Patricia Álvarez Rodríguez
€ 150 EUR
All drawings are sent by registered mail ...
David Gamarti
€ 100 EUR
20090325 01
Art sold by the artist, sent with certificate of authenticity
Alarie Louis-Francois
€ 30 EUR
Snow Wolf
Drawing of wolf in pencil on drawing paper, unique work
Sandra Morenas Manzano
€ 100 EUR
216 results - showing 101 - 150
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