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Artist Works
Abstract and Botanica
Category: Photo
Condition: On sale
Biography: I was born in 1946, the only child of Greek parents; I survived
communism in Romania, a war in Africa, an earthquake in
Indonesia, a great love in Paris, a failed marriage in America ...

I was a geologist prospector, university professor, main school,
photographer, sculptor, painter, ecologist ...

Now retired in a small village in north of Costa Rica,
I dedicate my life to planting trees, painting and taking abstract photographies.

And these are my last hobbies.

To contribute to reforestation project in the Northern Zone
of Costa Rica, I decided to sell 100 of my abstract photographies
(30 X 45 cm).

Some have collages, drawings, paintings, or short phrases.
Each copy is unique and signed.

It would be preferable to talk with me (in English, Spanish or French)
by cell phone or WhatsApp at (506) 84841700.

Thank you
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: 08 June 2019