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Flamenco 24
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Biography: More than twenty years ago the Spanish artist Horflandes began his career. Between studies in Fine Arts, survival work and teaching activity, his artistic life has coexisted. Constant struggle to open a path between what the interior commands and the hands reproduce. Obsession to express freely without ceasing to feel in each brushstroke and silence, without ceasing to learn with each mistake and scream, his work grew slowly. In such a way his study was accumulating canvases, tables and papers that would not go through the door; Isolation that belongs to knowing that artistic learning is hard and leisurely, and that at some point you will want to offer a reward.

The root of his work lies in the conviction that Art means feeling more than reflecting. That the best moment of a creation is when it is gestated. The work shows us the way and speaks to us, and everything we say about it is superfluous. Therefore, Horflandes has always attached great importance to actively listening to his work, recognizing in each line or stain a source of wisdom that would make him grow. Generate in your work the way to connect with life and what it hides to be discovered.

Artist who works by series, made in several years. Work as a whole and not individual. It has gone through different stages with the common goal of the expression of the human being and the reflection of his soul. Series where the face has always been the protagonist, trying to achieve a glimmer of the brightness of the gaze. Represent the depth that only the eyes can provide. In recent years, however, he has worked very intensely on the gesture of flamenco dance, a source of infinite and wise inspiration.

With the clear objective, the technique was mutating over time. It has gone through oil, gouache, watercolor or graphite and has ended, for the moment, in an almost mystical veneration for India ink. Its simplicity opens the doors to a naked expression; white, black and whatever the water suggests on the paper. The humility of the elements forces them to take full advantage of them and, most importantly, creation is active in the search, so the soul does not die.

The contrast between light and shadow has always been one of the pillars of his work, in this way the force of expression is enhanced. And on the other hand the spots and splashes, apparently the result of chance, coexist in a thoughtful way. The artistic language is taking shape at every step and the paths that are yet to be explored await.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://horflandes.com
Participation Date: 24 June 2021