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Artist Works
Portrait of a cast dream
Condition: On sale
The man
Condition: On sale
The demoiselles of Mont-Roig
Condition: On sale
Biography: I am an artist passionate about digital art. From a young age, I discovered my love for creativity and technology, merging both worlds into my own unique form of expression. My digital works are vibrant, captivating, and have captured the attention of art lovers and collectors around the world. Leveraging online platforms and social media, I have managed to build a prominent presence in the digital art scene. My innovative approach has allowed me to take my art beyond the screen, offering immersive experiences to my audience. I love sharing my knowledge and supporting other emerging artists on their creative journey. I am a creative, accessible artist and in constant search of new forms of digital expression.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: 19 May 2023