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Artist Works
Category: Engravings
Condition: On sale
Biography: Sculptor, founder, engraver. Graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving: La Esmeralda 1979-1984 México DF
José Bazán is a machine builder whose function we ignore, but whose capricious form seduces us and invites us to imagine its possible use: it is okay, it could be a producer of astonishment and silence, that a mill of dreams ... They are works that, like the Friendship, widen our past and the borders of our imagination. They do not seem, are: dream material come true. Encouraged by a disarming, almost childlike simplicity, and by a Deschampian spirit, Bazan is able to transform the most common object into an extraordinary object by the "simple" procedure of adding and extracting some parts, until it finds its "true" form.

Rafael Antúnez
English speaker: No
Website: https://escultorjosebazan.wordpress.com/
Participation Date: 14 May 2017