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Biography: After having passed some previous stages, evolving according to my experience, applying my academic knowledge to the new trends and cognitive twists that the new techniques acquired through practice have induced in me, at this time, I believe that I am in a position to improve day by day what It is already a very long trajectory since I began to seriously dedicate myself to capturing my feelings and everything that passes through my retina, faithfully printing it in my current works.

Now that I have moved my studio to the endearing and artistic city of Alicante, coming first from Oviedo (where I am proud to have been born and started in Plastic Arts), then in Madrid (where I finished my studies and lived for 15 years). , I come to this land looking for its light (which I consider incomparable for pictorial art), enjoying what is becoming my passion and the desire of my whole life: painting. Apart from the fact that I live with my father, an old art rocker who helps me in the elaboration of the frames and in what his old age ailments allow him. Which I appreciate.

And for all this I decide to capture some of my latest works in a simple catalog to be able to show it to all those who may be interested in seeing what I do.

I already have some work sold because I belong to an association of artists based in France (Artquid) where you can find out about my career and my current artistic status. For the rest, I have not exhibited in any gallery yet. I have only had the work hanging in Spacio (interior design store).
English speaker: Si
Website: https://jonatanespada.jimdo.com/
Participation Date: 12 June 2018