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Artist Works
Category: Drawings
Condition: Sold
Biography: My name is Melissa Toro Morales, I am 23 years old, I was born in the city of Santiago de Cali on February 3, 1998, at the moment I live with my family, I am currently studying Industrial Design at the Autonomous University of the West. Since I was little I have always liked to draw and explore all kinds of materials, today I take that learning to apply it in Product Design, Watercolors, and in the very near future to be able to start with acrylic and oil paints (it is one of my goals) .
My first exploration was with the pencil in 2016, with it I learned many techniques such as shading and with it I managed to carry out independent work with a Gothic style, and more like the type of fantasy illustration.
Move on to making realistic portraits of pets and people in 2020 with the watercolor technique.
And I am currently doing Product Design in digital and colored pencils.
I am a lover of animals, nature and I love to transmit it through my drawings.
English speaker: Si
Website: https://www.instagram.com/ggtoro_/
Participation Date: Feb 25 2021