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Midas was a king of Phrygia who ruled in the period between 740 a. C. and 696 a. C. According to Greek mythology, the monarch ...
Silvia Jurado Correas
€ 1227 EUR
Color mosaic
Name: Colorful mosaic Digital art created in: fresh paint
Yoselyn López López
€ 2 EUR
The holidays
Pop art, methacrylate 50 x 70 cm
€ 500 EUR
The birds
Reproduction on Hahnemühle Fineart paper. Dimensions 39,4 cm x 39,4 cm.
Anna Guzmán Sanjaume
€ 150 EUR
Woman. 2019 year. Reproduction of digital work of a total of 25. Acrylic glass printing. Available in other colors. Dimensions 161 x 230 mm.
Anna Guzmán Sanjaume
€ 300 EUR
Crying. 2019 year. Digital work Only 25 reproductions printed on artist paper. Dimensions: 300mm x 400mm. Printing on Hahnemühle Fineart paper.
Anna Guzmán Sanjaume
€ 600 EUR
Digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator
Juan Bello
€ 50 EUR
She dreams of lies
Unpublished digital artwork called She dreams of lies.
Silvia Jurado Correas
€ 1415 EUR
Nothing can hurt more than Goodbye
Abstract digital artwork and a certain surrealistic background called Nothing can hurt more than Goodbye.
Silvia Jurado Correas
€ 1400 EUR
Unpublished work of digital art just finished. How the previous work of the same author, follows that abstract aesthetic with superposition.
Silvia Jurado Correas
€ 1425 EUR
WORKS Expressionists
Work size to be agreed Support wood or to agree
€ 300 EUR
Digital art work
Adonis Sánchez Cervera
€ 150 EUR
Figures of the bottom of the unconscious.
Martin Atalaya
€ 580 EUR
It's a trap
This work is part of the "Noise and Forms" collection.
€ 60 EUR
Meadow Flowers 100 x 100 Lambda Print on Dibond
Meadow Flowers 100 x 100 Lambda impression on Dibond.
€ 2000 EUR
El Quijote
Satira of the so famous personage The Knight of the Sad Figure, in an even sadder version.
Sandalo Espino Villanueva
€ 25 EUR
random and imagination
mirror of the mind ...
oscar gonzalo mamani
On display
18 results - showing 1 - 18