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Pencil (Black)

Pencil paintings (Black)

Find original paintings Pencil (Black) in various styles and subjects. Buy pictures Pencil (Black), unique pieces by talented artists of today. Purchase directly to independent artists from around the world.
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Sant Agustí Vell Square. Barcelona terminal
Oil painting and pencil on board. It shows a panoramic view of the Sant Agustí Vell Square, in the Born district of Barcelona- It is a sunny day and the light ...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
spring landscape where the calm waters and serenity of birds invite you to relax. The fact that water predominates in the work gives a sense of freshness ....
Rocio Flores Tena
€ 250 EUR
Nude Study n.8
Nude Study n.8, charcoal on paper, 2003, Giuseppe Alletto
Giuseppe Alletto
€ 300 EUR
Still life with a bottle and a pumpkin
It is a charcoal drawing on paper that represents a classic still life
Giuseppe Alletto
€ 900 EUR
Decorative painting
A nice piece whose lines draw the symbolism.
Edgardo Nocetti Edgardo Nocetti
€ 123 EUR
Made of canvas and carbon, representing the exploration and dedication of the world in the solitude of a person.
Dickson La Roche Olivares
€ 120 EUR
This painting expresses the beauty of women, in a creative and attractive way, in addition to the fact that women are not "complete" because creativity stands out in the painting ...
Dickson La Roche Olivares
€ 120 EUR
The dancer
The painting is made with the inspiration that art in any way is beautiful and abstract represented in different ways.
Dickson La Roche Olivares
€ 100 EUR
broken toys
broken toys, work done to raise awareness in a society increasingly sick
jaime muns ledesma
€ 150 EUR
work with frame and glass ready to hang
jaime muns ledesma
€ 150 EUR
Looks with soul
Custom portraits like this. Coal, Chinese ink or mixed media
Rosana Brave Baptist
Festa da nosa señora da concepcao
The lithography of Vidal souto, reflects a festive environment in Salvador Bahia, is done in two colors, red and black
€ 700 EUR
Pencil portrait of a vagrant child photographed by photographer Lee Jeffries
pablo santos molina
€ 400 EUR
horseback riding
I sell mural. I live in Australia and this mural is in my house in Jerez de la Frontera. Price to negotiate. It can be collected on site saving the costs ...
Elsa Santos Carrillo
€ 999 EUR
Transcendental woman
Transcendental woman deals with the incessant aspect of the psychological conflict that enslaves the woman of the painting at all times.
Jose Gonzalez Guijarro
€ 200 EUR
SALVADOR DALI 2 is a portrait with brush and graphite pencil, practically a picture of the catalan genius surrealist art, Diego September with this work to overcome definitely ...
€ 280 EUR
Fixed Gaze
Gaze Fixed hinge Works for me. It was that allowed me decide to continue dibuajndo. Held in two weeks, at the rate of 2 / 3 hours per day Pencil ...
Santiago Passetti
On display
Villa de Leyva
Painted with lead pencil on paper Durex, 50 35 cm * in the year 2003. Cityscape in black, minimalist and white, projected work.
€ 140 EUR
Between orange
Pencil realistic family portrait. Order two people with background of a field of orange trees.
Beatriz Torrequebrada
Pencil a4
€ 50 EUR
black and white
€ 100 EUR
black and white
€ 200 EUR
22 results - showing 1 - 22