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Culture paintings for sale online. Find original Culture Pictures by talented artists of today. Buy Culture Pictures directly to artists from around the world.
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La colada.jpg
Oil on canvas 94x73 cm
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 120 EUR
Abu Dhabi
€ 450 EUR
Matador woman
€ 650 EUR
€ 850 EUR
Mar y Sangre.jpg
Impressionist work on Almadraba. Executed in table (100 x 81 cm) in oil. Price of 1800 € with Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping to worldwide...
€ 1800 EUR
Intercultural shooting
"Intercultural shooting" Acrylic on canvas 100cmx100cm. I loved painting this painting! It is a very special work in terms of size, style, theme, colors, etc ... and I know it is an image ...
Olivia Caballero González
Sold Prints available
The painter
Portrait in acrylic on canvas of 40x40cm
Marita Nadal Lizabe
€ 160 EUR
Regatta in Pasaia.
The Cantabrian man from the precise age of the strength of his arms to collect fishing in the fishing grounds and return quickly to the fish auction in ...
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 300 EUR
Two Moons, Cheyenne
Portrait of the warrior Cheyenne Two Moons (Two Moons) based on black and white photography by photographer Edward S. Curtis at the beginning of the 20th Century
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 150 EUR
Arbore Tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Watercolor portrait of a woman from the Arbore tribe and her baby
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 200 EUR
Concluded the function.
Once the show is over, the artists shed their costumes and prepare to receive congratulations from fans and friends.
Santi Goñi Guemes
The megalithic set of Stonehenge dates from 2500 AC and is an emblematic place of the United Kingdom. My vision is represented with a threatening sky where the ...
Santi Goñi Guemes
€ 350 EUR
A view of the Monastery of Suso
A view of the Monastery of Suso. Acrylic on canvas.
Fabiana Iglesias
€ 200 EUR
Oil painted on tablex wrapped linen cloth, and rack mounted pine. Framed with wood profile. Galician scene early sailors unloading sardines ...
Jose Antonio Mosquera Bango
€ 12600 EUR
Work framed in white lacquered wood. Scene Galician musicians dawn announcing the beginning of the village feast.
Jose Antonio Mosquera Bango
€ 8000 EUR
Wood framed artwork. Rural Scene. Galician elderly woman sitting beside the traditional Galician car.
Jose Antonio Mosquera Bango
€ 10000 EUR
Making butter
Framed artwork. Traditional Galician scene. Interior house, preparing butter. Scene early twentieth century.
Jose Antonio Mosquera Bango
€ 11000 EUR
The fair
Oil on canvas of the Feria de Cordoba.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 200 EUR
Varanasi 49x63 2001.JPG
original and unique watercolor.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 700 EUR
Final 15.12.2016 without barniz.jpg
Constructed using spatula and brush. It represents the bullfighter in the typical "waiting" position while the third banderillas runs.
Rocio Perez Jubindo
Giza pyramids 36x48 2009.JPG
original and unique watercolor of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
The Endurance crushed by the ice of Antarctica 23x31 2010.JPG
original and unique watercolor made from an old photograph of the ship Endurance crushed by ice on his expedition to Antarctica.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
Cathedral of Cadiz 40x30,5 2003.JPG
original and unique watercolor of the Cathedral of Cadiz.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 120 EUR
Castillo del Duque, Nantes, France 31x41 2008.JPG
original and unique watercolor Dukes Castle in Nantes, France.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 170 EUR
Close-up of a bullfighter in pre paseillo time.
Rocio Perez Jubindo
Dancers in the Bayader.
The table is composed of two ballet dancers in a scene from the Bayader.
Santi Goñi Guemes
Varilargueros of Las Ventas (Madrid)
Rocio Perez Jubindo
GELE (African Head Wrap)
GELE (African Head Wrap): Modern and Vintage Gele is the headpiece usually worn by women across Africa for day-to-day activities and on special occasions.I am using “GELE - Vintage ...
Or Yemi Tubi
€ 4750 EUR
Prehispanic dream
One of the works that is part of the small collection called "Dreamlike Glow" based on dreams and flashes of memory and experience just before waking up ......
Ramses Martinez Green
€ 80 EUR
Recreation of a usual landscape at the Seville fair. (Spain).
Translation and Localization
€ 600 EUR
Carriage in the Maestranza. Seville
Original work, perfect condition.
Translation and Localization
€ 600 EUR
La Petite Joconde
Une Petite Beauté
JL. Bohorquez
€ 2000 EUR
Belle Epoque
Work inspired by the nights of the Belle époque.
Jose Luis Peñamaria
€ 2875 EUR
Memories frames
Frame upon frame.
TMara J. Alonso
€ 95 EUR
MARLEY inspiration
Willian Amaguaña Cachiguango
€ 100 EUR
Quijote and Sancho
Quijote and Sancho painting in oil on canvas
Diego Alberto Arellano Fajardo
€ 200 EUR
mosaic Frida Khalo.jpg
Frida Kahlo portrait inspired by a photograph.
Maria Paula Cuber
€ 500 EUR
Written-hen-a-1993-with frame REVISED.jpg
In writing hen one. 40x110 cm, collage, mixed on cardboard, white chalk wooden frame, 1993. SELECTED IN THE III SAMPLE OF WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE PRINCIPALITY OF ASTURIAS ...
Ada Pérez García
€ 800 EUR
El copo
The flake Mixed technique. Andalusian popular fishing method.
José Antonio Peña Castillo
€ 150 EUR
Double look
Carlos Hernandez Barrul
€ 15000 EUR
Dream, Smile of Child and Angels Playing
Pair of paintings both of the same size
Carlos Hernandez Barrul
€ 20000 EUR
The Clown's Cry
Contemporary Art Work
Carlos Hernandez Barrul
€ 30500 EUR
Victoria Kent
Portrait of the Spanish republican lawyer and politician. From the Women of History collection.
Pedro Gonzalez Lopez
€ 125 EUR
Virginia Wolf
Portrait of Virginia Wolf, phrase of the author, work of the Women of History collection.
Pedro Gonzalez Lopez
€ 150 EUR
191 results - showing 1 - 50
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