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Madame Curie
Madame Curie
Elvira Gimeno Sieres
€ 300 EUR
Snack Valencia
Picnic in Valencia
Justi Mevalar
€ 225 EUR
Work in excellent condition, totally new, never used.
Macister Rodriguez Torres
€ 1250 EUR
Hand-painted works of art, unique and original pieces, all painted with a mixed technique of oil and acrylic on canvas.
Macister Rodriguez Torres
€ 12000 EUR
Two boats.jpg
Two ships in the harbor
Natalie Art
€ 470 EUR
Golden fish and his friend Silvia
Golden fish and his friend Silvia
Roman Gvarliani Gegansha
€ 777 EUR
Actions column
Fusion between fileteado porteño - collage - stains
Marcela DiPietro
On display
The hussar and the gypsy
Wide painted edges, to be arranged directly without the need for framing, in mixed acrylic techniques with a varnished finish.
CC Doors
Contact artist
This painting shows the face of a sphinx feline with a sweater. This cat with a piercing gaze aims to captivate the viewer.
€ 350 EUR
Meal 2
Inspiration to aesthetic styles, muted colors and with an oriental composition.
Keren Álvarez García
€ 139 EUR
Meal 1
Painting inspired by pinterest, made in oil pastel.
Keren Álvarez García
€ 124 EUR
Clotted love.
About love, about some experiences that made your heart get clotted.
Sergio Ortiz-Aguilar
€ 300 EUR
woman figure
that's all
agustin bejarano rodriguez
€ 375 EUR
The stamp
Acrylic on canvas 28cmx35cm
HG Bramble
€ 350 EUR
The banana
Acrylic on canvas 40cmx40cm
HG Bramble
€ 370 EUR
sea ​​shell
Oil on canvas,
Juana Gomez Puigserver
€ 150 EUR
Spatial 武士
Information of the original work Argentina country Category: Painting Theme: Others Technique: Industrial Support: Others Measurements: 40 x 60 cm At Artelista since: January 19, 2022 © All rights reserved...
Move make creat SaMural Oscar Daniel Barua Ayala
€ 2500 EUR
WW2 night combat
Oil on board. Measures 40 cm x 30 cm Painted with professional quality oil on board with primed frame. Satin protective varnish
Pedro Mayoral-Herrera
€ 110 EUR
I did it because it seemed to me an interesting topic to address: poverty in the elderly and the indifference of the rest.
Lorena Droguett Cerda
Contact artist
A painting of the "Pareman", figure of the Chilean Social Outbreak of 2019.
Lorena Droguett Cerda
€ 370 EUR
Set of 2 acrylic paintings
Natasha starnichuk
€ 200 EUR
Wedding gift
Watercolor on cardboard. Perfect wedding gift, I can replicate it with the characteristics of the bride and groom! To see more paintings follow me on my Instagram account elpinceldelia.
Estefania Salas Felix
€ 35 EUR
Marilo Elena Morales
€ 200 EUR
Domingo Dasilva Fidalgo
€ 150 EUR
The dust represents the passage of time, stillness and patience. From childhood to the present.
alfedigital-Alfonso García González
On display
The corner of words
A journey through the diffusion and the weight of the pistol that symbolizes censorship.
alfedigital-Alfonso García González
On display
the process of going crazy without being born crazy
christ white wood
€ 50 EUR
RESET CHAOS of the current world moment
Fernando Gordillo Berio
€ 250 EUR
Technique: acrylic and mixed on canvas Size: 100 x 81 cm Collection: Enigmas
Ramón Margareto Friend
Contact artist
in bloom
Pain and discharge. Expansion.
Mª Piedad Gª-Murga Suárez
On display
A work that reflects the waves
Luis Cesar Lacroix Baiardi
Contact artist
Gaze among the flowers.jpg
Look among the flowers.
Jorge Lopez Fernandez
€ 60 EUR
El trato
Impressionist and figurative piece, made with a mixed brush and spatula technique, acrylic paint.
Daura Ramirez Godoy
On display
Volkswagen Beetle 1962
Painting made with acrylics on 3cm thick linen canvas. If you like, we accept orders for your old car.
G. Sorli
On display
Original watercolor
ANA Reñones Pascual
€ 60 EUR
Floating in my thoughts
All my paintings made with love
Eny Vazquez Ramirez
€ 35 EUR
Muses # 1
Contact artist
Woman on the swing
Eny Vazquez Ramirez
€ 45 EUR
The painting is sold without a frame, very well packed and postage due
€ 200 EUR
Bitcoin symbol
Acrylic painted canvas With a height of approx.30 cm By a width of approx.35 cm
Nicoletta Bocanegra Sanchez
€ 30 EUR
Work of inspiration
Piedad Carmona Moreno
€ 300 EUR
Contemporary collage sticker on wooden altarpieces
Danny longo
€ 150 EUR
Paul Picasso
Acrylic on canvas.
€ 3000 EUR
almost blue
Acrylic on canvas
€ 3000 EUR
The UVAS project arises from the need to work in the search for our iconographic identity. The vine has been a key element in the agrarian and social development of ...
Israel Melero Ruiz
€ 900 EUR
My first trip.jpg
Oil and pyrography on wooden board.
Juan Martínez Burló
€ 500 EUR
The "quarantine" was completed on May 16, 2020, during the peak of the European epidemic. All residents were forced to be quarantined in their homes, ...
€ 900 EUR
Ché Guevara Tribute
Tribute to Ché Guevara-
€ 300 EUR
Comforting 70x60.jpg
Title; Consolando Year 2004
€ 300 EUR
623 results - showing 201 - 250  
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