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Biography: Creative "He says that without his hands and heart he cannot work." Your mental palace must always be in action. Designer who created, more than 14 years ago, her own brand. In your own Atelier there is always something to do. Her day to day, she creates Haute Couture dresses on Moulage and her own collections. He deals directly with his clients and knows what their tastes and needs are. He also coordinates it with the creation of costumes for companies and trips to PAris for projects in Fashion and Art.
And in his days of explosion he has to make his creative drawings as his own expression. Always based on the woman.
Passionate, creative, traveler, interests in other countries and cultures, in love with Dali and all her own art. It has a lot to contribute. Never accept a "NO".
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.inmasaurina.es
Participation Date: Apr 04 2016