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Biography: "Illustrating is flying, dreaming, doing what gives me peace, and what I really feel. There I can apply my creativity, sharpen my wits and mainly play, which is what I like most in life. That is why I am a kindergarten teacher, I'm still close to the boys so I can sit on the floor, get dirty, mix colors, textures, model and take my inner girl for a walk. "
Steel (Stella Maris) Vázquez was born in September in Villa Luro, a neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. In addition to being an illustrator and belonging to the Illustrators Forum / Argentina, she is an Initial Level teacher.
He studied a degree in Educational Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, and carried out constant research on Children's and Youth Literature at the Summa Institute. He also studied Graphic Design at the Buenos Aires Graphic Union. He attended the course "Construction of an illustrated book for children", dictated by Istvan at the IUNA (National University Institute of Art of Buenos Aires): "Istvan is a teacher of illustration and of life; the one who helps his students to Be themselves. He helped me believe in me, encouraged me and managed to get out of me all that I had in store.
The love that Steel Vázquez professes towards the plastic arts was born at a very early age: "As a girl I liked comics, especially those from the Anteojito magazine. Also the Spanish books that my grandmother gave me, where the illustrations were photos of dolls When I was older, I was caught by the drawings and comics from Humor, Humi and Satiricón magazines, for example "Doctor Cureta's clinic", with scripts by Jorge Meiji and drawings by Ceo, whom I continue to admire deeply today. the work of the cartoonist Escher and I fell in love with his strange perspectives. Finally, the teacher who marked me was Antonio Berni, who encouraged me to mix materials without fear

English speaker: No
Website: http://steelvazz.blogspot.com/
Participation Date: 23 May 2020