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Category: Photography
Condition: On sale
Biography: Yamina begins her photographic journey to the 15 years, when she sees an exhibition by Henri Cartier Besson and her parents give her a camera, which allows her to develop this creative facet.
Later he enrolled in the School of Arts of Soria, where he studied a graphic design degree and began to win his first photographic contests.
In the year 2007 resides a season in London. The contact with other photographers and the visits to galleries and museums determine him to develop his sensitivity.
In the 2008 lives a few months in Dublin. There he develops the idea of ​​making an exhibition in B & W, with the parallels and contrasts of both cities, in which his people and architecture are the protagonists.
On his return to Spain, he exhibits "London and Dublin, Contrasts in parallel", at the CC Palacio de la Audiencia de Soria. The following year, the social work of Caja España, sponsored the exhibition and is traveling through different rooms of Castilla y León, having a very good reception.
Study photography in Madrid. In the 2011 year, he made a trip to Rome, city that is captivated by its beauty.
He resides and works there for two years as a photography assistant, for various publications. The aesthetics of this great city led him to develop a photographic exhibition at B & N, entitled "The beautiful Rome".
On a trip to his city, during his stay in Rome, he walks around his beloved Douro River and begins to contemplate the nuances of the seasonal cycle.
The idea of ​​making the series "Haikus" linking pictures of Nature, with poems of the Japanese great masters arises. In the 2016 year, he made the exhibition "Haikus", in the Official College of Architects of Soria, having a very good reception.
Yamina is currently the manager of her own photo studio in Soria.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: March 27 2019