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Mánaskin (moonlight)
Categoría: Cuadros
Estado: En venta
Categoría: Cuadros
Estado: En venta
Categoría: Cuadros
Estado: En venta
Biografía: Who is Salka?

Originally she is a girl in a story called Salka Valka after Iceland's great author Halldór Laxness. Fascinating story that i read many years ago twice to be exact. But thats another story.
Salka in this case was born in Reykjavík Iceland in the year 1970 originally named Guðrún María and she begun as a child creating things. She knitted and stitched and drew but when she got to the teenage she lost interest. Many years later or about 6 years ago she started to take photographs Her uncle lent her a big Canon camera where she carried a round taking photos. She loved it so much that she bought her own camera.
A year ago Salka then decided to start drawing just for fun, to see if she could do it properly. She hasn’t stopped since and now she is painting also and this is her biggest passion. She hasn’t taken any education yet so she’s completely self taught. Salkas interest hasn’t been so much in paintings and museums and things like that so she hasn't really developed any particular taste regarding other artists old or new unless just to learn something by observing their methods. This is just her pure passion to create and put something interesting or beautiful on canvas and she is gifted and will be really good one day.
So thank you for reading my story and i hope you have enjoyed it!
-Salka. x x x
Inglés hablante: Si
Sitio web: https://www.facebook.com/salkaartgallery/
Fecha de Participación: 20 Mar 2019