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Biografía: Plastic artist, amateur photographer and editor of audiovisual works, as the main source of inspiration he draws from science, from theories and concepts related to space and time, without putting aside philosophical and psychological postures which feed the context of his works.

His creativity and passion for drawing are the inspiration to develop his talent, starting from architectural concepts, futurists, landscapists and animalistic, including geometry, proportion and also observation in each of his designs.

His artistic work started when he was 20, through the creation of oil paintings of surreal perspectives and scenarios. In his search to stimulate his creativity, he was able to blend painting with electronic assemblies, such as luminous effects and mechanical pieces in some of his paintings; Also using human anatomy and deformation as part of his creation, further expanding his knowledge and research on new topics and theories.

Later, he participated in artistic invitations and exhibits, which currently form part of his artistic career and turn into further motivation to explore new pictorial worlds.
Inglés hablante: Si
Sitio web: http://www.arttcos.com
Fecha de Participación: 03 Ago 2017