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Categoría: Cuadros
Estado: En venta
Biografía: Adriana Steriopol
I was born on June 5, 1983, in Galati, Romania, in an art-loving family, which is plentifully proven by my education, which provided me with a wide array of artistic skills to choose from.
When I was five years old, I started to study classical ballet and piano with private tutors in view of being admitted to specialized studies at ”Dimitrie Cuclin” High school of Arts. I pursued my goals with dedication and thoroughness in the field of classical ballet till 1994, when my drawing teacher, Mr Nicolae Enihorn advised me transfer to the visual arts class, at the same educational institution.
My teacher’s suggestion was not really well met by the most part of my family, but since my father had decided that I should study painting, I was guided to visual arts starting with the next school year. It was the best thing that could happen to me: I was free, I could do what I really wanted. I loved painting, while ballet had never been a very enjoyable skill to me, as I had been practicing it only because my family had decided so. The feminine part of my family kept insisting that I should at least carry on with the ballet and piano lessons with private tutors. The complete support for my giving up ballet and piano for good came again from my father, who had also graduated ”Dimitrie Cuclin” High school of Arts, specializing in painting.
Throughout my formation at the high school level, I particularly enjoyed the classes of easel painting, iconography, drawing, pottery, clothing design and graphic design. I graduated from high school in 2003, with a degree in graphic design – artistic techniques.
Shortly after graduating from high school, my first professional activity was in a candy shop which commissioned me for large-sized glass paintings. I was thrilled that, upon completion, the candy shop owner was extremely content with the result and recommended me to more people. With the support of a teacher, I had the chance to work in the icons restoration team in HorezuMonastery, Valcea County, Romania.
I completed my academic education at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Romania, Faculty of Art, with a B.A. in Visual Arts (Painting).

Artistic activity
2000-2002 – Collaboration with Mond’art Gallery, Galati, Romania
2003 – Icons restoration, Horezu Monastery, Romania
2004-2008 – Collaboration – graphic advertising projects, Brasov, Romania
2008 – Patina on bronze project, Paris, France
2013 – Group painting exhibition “Cultural Interfaces”, Galati, Romania
2014 - Group painting exhibition “Dragobete – Art Galleries, Iasi, Romania
2014 - Group painting exhibition “Studio”, “Dunarea de Jos” University, Galati, Romania
2014 - Group painting exhibition “Studio II”, Focsani, Romania
2015 - Group painting exhibition “The Painting Studio – 2015” Museum of Visual Arts, Galati, Romania
2016- Group painting exhibition "ARTE", Art Galleries, Iasi, Romania.

I love painting, I love the colours, the paste, and I love experimenting with colour modulating styles. I always identify myself with my works – there’s a piece of my soul in every work that I paint, and my works take shape and exist within me. I transpose in painting the words of an inner universe which I cannot explain by utterance. It is release and freedom at the same time, it is my means of communication with myself and the others. Painting is love, passion, effervescence and desire.
Inglés hablante: Si
Sitio web: http://www.steriopoladriana.com/
Fecha de Participación: 07 Jun 2017