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Artist Works
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Biography: I am a painter artist from an early age (before the 10); with graphic designer titles; plastic arts faculty - fine arts school / Diana Dowek Painting Workshop / Perspective workshop at the Sívori Museum / Tulio de Sagastizabal art clinic / 'Antonio Berni' School of Visual Arts /
First Prize 'Banco Nación' 2007 / 2º National Visual Arts Competition Award from the National Arts Fund 2002 / Exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum Rio IV year 1999 / Special mention UADE Foundation 2010 / Participation 98º / 102º / 105º / 106º / 109 of the National Salon of Visual Arts. Exhibition at Pablo Neruda Cultural Center Santiago de Chile / Exhibition Chilean Cultural Center of Arts / Exhibitions: Gallery Isabel Anchorena
My work over several decades has consisted essentially in Drawing and Painting in various techniques (graphite, charcoal, ink, pastel, watercolors, acrylics, oils) (with more 30 individual and multiple collective exhibitions in different countries in galleries, museums and cultural centers of Bs As., Rosario, Córdoba (Argentina), Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, later in this last stage -des you do 15 years ago- my creative spirit impelled me to venture into the 'Digital Art' that consists in Drawing-Digital Painting / Electronic Art, which -in much of my work- I do manually with Digitalizing Tablet and Optical Pen, continuing with the use of the mouse through 2D / 3D software, post production with specific graphic editing programs;
My art is dynamic and exploratory, axiomatically I seek to capture on the canvas, in wood, on paper, on the screen or wherever, something very deep that is inside of me. I propose an alternative reality to the natural one. Through abstraction or figuration, realism or surrealism, the scale of gray tones and colors inspire me, I let myself be carried away by them and their infinite combinations. The color, the brightness and the shadows speak, express themselves, transform, transmute into a thousand sensations, generating spaces, where harmonious organic and geometric forms coexist harmoniously. In creation an internal dialogue is generated with a condensation of thought forms and emotions that appear crystallized on the surface. Often it is sought to transform energies and generate a feeling of chromatic balance. I use pictorial language as a means of communicating what I can not convey with words. My works become cathartic. A scream without sound, a dull sound that leads to gestures in expression of my strokes and strokes. There are no rules in my creations, the mixture of materials, colors, the indeterminate format, and even the decision not to emboss certain works are a sort of rebellion against all types of conventional framework and formats.
It enriches me to count on the observer's gaze. The work is the key to reach that magical place, unexplored and full of information ... that subtle enchanted and charming space that the physical universe intentionally hides ... to be discovered only by those adventurers of the intangible mysteries of the incorporeal .
English speaker: No
Participation Date: Feb 15 2019