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Yamaha Virago
Category: Drawings
Condition: On sale
Biography: I am currently studying at Begoña del Rincón de Zaragoza, although I consider myself a very self-taught person.

I started to excel in drawing and painting at a young age, when I was 7 years old. I made copies of the covers of the stories that we had in school, I still remember a drawing of excalibur that caused real admiration from my teachers and classmates.

I drew at all hours, finishing my studies of basic general education, making a charcoal drawing of a buldog dog; He was the winner of the end-of-course contest back in the 1985 year and the words of the director in the awards ceremony: 'ladies, gentlemen, here we have a new Goya'. The truth is that those words struck me. At that time I decided that I wanted to study Fine Arts.

Continue my bachelor studies and I always volunteer the subjects related to artistic expression, obtaining the highest grade. In the second, it was the drawing teacher who was looking for me in advance to attend his classes and courses, seeing in me a potential artist as he said.

Not feeling fulfilled with the studies I was studying since my family would never allow me to study Fine Arts because they said 'that has no future' (sad but it was ...); My life took a turn of 180 degrees enrolling in vocational training where I started a path that led me to my current profession as a maintenance manager in a multinational automotive sector. I came to study Industrial Technical Engineering where I once again excelled in drawing, in this case the technician obtaining honors. It was the 1997 year.

In parallel to my professional life fully immersed in the automation and the industrial robotics I was still doing some drawing in the little free time I had. It was the 2007 year.

With the advance in my professional career and mainly due to the high demand for continuous training and higher level, I had a period of almost 10 years without doing anything related to artistic expression.

Recently, in the 2017 year with some more free time, I returned to my interest in art and decided to enroll in the studio of Begoña del Rincón de Zaragoza. I started doing some pencil drawing, colored pencils, several in pastel and right now I start to start in oil painting.
English speaker: No
Participation Date: 23 June 2018