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January garlic
At the end of the year, all Colombians have their fridge full of food and at the beginning of the year the skinny cows begin to show signs of scarcity.
The graphic piece
€ 10 EUR
The one who seeks, finds
"He was looking for a flower in the forest, and luckily he discovered two ... a bear was lurking, I think he was taking care of them, he sneakily approached, but someone else was watching ... a hunter who in ...
The graphic piece
€ 35 EUR
Piece made in woodcut, hollow technique on wood, we handle sunchemical inks and stamp on a variety of paper
The graphic piece
€ 9 EUR
Victorian toad
Engraving piece impressions made in burin on wood, there are only 3 unique impressions of this work. Each copy is delivered with its certificate of authenticity.
The graphic piece
€ 30 EUR
4 results - showing 1 - 4