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Engravings Culture for sale online. Find Original Culture Engravings by talented artists of today. Buy Culture Prints directly to artists from around the world.
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Piece that depicts a woman from the Jñatrjo town, the background represents mazahua flowers and cornfields, recurring themes in traditional embroidery.
Edgar Uriel Bernal Gamez
€ 400 EUR
Virgin of fashion "juana kalavera"
"My proposal has a language and it is the relation that each image has within the symbol in the composition is based on a national dialogue, where in this opportunity ...
Mario Pilieri Vera
€ 5000 EUR
Original screenprint Master Fernando Andriacci, the cost of shipping outside of Mexico is at extra cost.
Fernando Andriacci
€ 560 EUR
Original screenprint Master Fernando Andriacci, shipping is extra cost outside the Mexican Republic
Fernando Andriacci
€ 560 EUR
4 results - showing 1 - 4