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Biografía: Worlds within worlds.Souls within souls.Beings that lead to other beings and establish a connection. Jan is a traveler.He is someone who overcame the limits of his own culture and gathered values from very different areas,both internal and external zones. For him,travelling was and excuse,a metaphor,a way of learning.He lived within various diverse societies that nurtured him,in native tribes that diluted his schemes,his beliefs.And being always committed to following his own path,he searched for more. The risk of the present,of live assumed in all its intensity,the acceptation of death as an integral part of this all,prompted him to go further in an unexplored area of he Amazonian jungle.There,he learnt to respect Nature ,to listen to its laws,its warnings,its language. He found the harmony of devoting himself to nature and incorporated the habit of obeying his own voice,which he discovered were the same:his deepest voice is ,in turn,a cry from Nature that sings within him. Jan is a very special person.He establishes a connection.He acknowledges spirituality as some conscience that inhabits every moment.And he was able to express this.There,surrounded by the jungle,his drawings gave birth to themselves.And he decided to come back and give them to us.He returned to bring his wisdom to us,to share the gift that was given to him and to teach us its form.He was born without any pretensions and has overcome a large limitation:that of language enclosed in words which are almost magically transcended by it. Through this very special piece of work that trots the world as he does,he leads us to that silent and eternal mystery,he breaks us free from all established rules. Thank you. For me ,it was a privilege to get to know him and have te opportunity of getting close to this piece of work and his marvelous dialogues. Thank you so much. Samantha Silva Poet and actress Less

Inglés hablante: No
Fecha de Participación: 04 Jul 2018