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Biografía: My name is Irma Oltra and I'm a photographer and an aerial dancer living in Barcelona.
Dyslexic by birth, I've never felt very comfortable expressing myself with words and chose to express myself through other languages. I started ballet when I was 4 and kept improving until I reached a professional level. I was a dancer in Barcelona and Geneva, but I left this profession behind at 20 to return to Barcelona. There, I began to study photography, a way of speaking in which words and letters are not necessary and the camera becomes a part of one's body. These images are part of a project called “Menja’m la fruita” or “Eat my fruit”. Currently, I am also exploring other arts such as improvisation, Argentinian tango, singing and aerial dancing.
Inglés hablante: No
Sitio web: http://www.irmaoltrafotografia.com
Fecha de Participación: 16 Jul 2017