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Biografía: Winston Van Hughes was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, but has lived the majority of his childhood and adult life in Alicante, Spain, the South east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, where he continues to work and live.

His formal studies in art and design began at Parsons School of Design in New York and later on in Paris, France.

His professional career was launched in Alicante, Spain where he worked for three years as a graphic designer for Machprint. There he works mainly on creating marketing materials such as logos, posters, packaging concepts, catalogs and product photography.

He later moves to Austin, Texas for two years where he works as a free-lance illustrator for various magazine publishers, namely; The Texas Barr Journal, The Texas Restaurant Association, The Austin Chronicle, S.E.D.L, a magazine dedicated to immigration legislation.

While living in Texas, Winston is awarded a design and ceramics scholarship at the prestigious art school "Escuela de Arte y diseño de Ceramica" in Alicante, Spain. He returns to Spain to accept the scholarship and embarks on three years of intensive work and studies in ceramics and design. During this period, Winston begins to show and sell his work in various galleries and exhibitions in Spain and the U.S while he teaches ceramics and painting at the Pinoso Art Academy and El campello Art Academy in Alicante Spain. During this period he is accepted in a national workshop held in the University of Murcia, Spain by the renowned painter Antonio Lopez.

Currently he has devoted his spirit to painting and ceramic artwork.

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Fecha de Participación: 02 May 2018