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Spirituality paintings for sale online. Find Spirituality Original paintings by talented artists of today. Pictures Spirituality purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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My Blood of Christ
Plastic Art Marlon Sáenz, My blood of Christ, is a work of contemporary art, with measures 49cm X 70cm, made in the year 2014, this work was inspired ...
Marlon Sáenz Acevedo
€ 500 EUR
table fati.jpg
Fátima Santiago Santiago
€ 360 EUR
It is causing realistic watercolor look inside yourself and invites us to reflect how beautiful is our human beauty.
Adrian Biel Bielsa
€ 450 EUR
Nymph and deer-1.jpg
A scene where the presence of a nature spirit (nymph) and a deer shown. The picture shows a scene full of tenderness amid ...
€ 350 EUR
Sotto la Pelle
Work done in acrylic on canvas, with inserts of different materials and layers of paint, highlighting technique pictorial Frottage of 80x80cm.
Enzo Mari
On display
She and herself
watercolor pencils and watercolor on paper.
Nerea Fuentefría Lamas
€ 15 EUR
My warrior
Work done on canvas Mixed oil and acrylic technique Framed
€ 1100 EUR
female Surfer
Original painting by Tokyo Aoyama, artist internationally recognized for their psychedelic influences and work with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dead Prez, Dudley Perkins, Janis Gaye (Ex wife ...
Tokyo Aoyama
€ 2060 EUR
Original painting by Tokyo Aoyama, artist internationally recognized for their psychedelic influences and work with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dead Prez, Dudley Perkins, Janis Gaye (Ex wife ...
Tokyo Aoyama
€ 2060 EUR
Yawar (The Spirit of Blood)
Yawar represents the need of the human being to approach nature, as such from the ancient cultures that made sacrifices of blood that energetically caused spiritual rage within ...
Alwin Gamarra Alarcón
€ 349 EUR
Contiki Apu Wiracocha
Contiki Apu Wiracocha, envisions the creation of the sun and moon from Lake Titicaca, where the supreme being created the majestic beginning of the Inca culture, giving as parents ...
Alwin Gamarra Alarcón
€ 281 EUR
El Edén
The piece will have a protective glass, and it will be ready to be hung.
Lucas Muñoz
€ 125 EUR
11.- Dreamer.JPG
Work that tries to explain that people have dreams, desires and illusions for their life. It is a work that invites the viewer to dream.
Juan Cristóbal Sánchez
€ 550 EUR
màdibuix (2) .jpg
The creation of a hand
Còduls De Riu
€ 250 EUR
Acliricos Canvas
Samuel Bita
€ 650 EUR
Metamorfoses da mente / Untitled
Metamorfoses da mente y Untitled Ginho Sibia 2016 Acrylic on canvas 160x300cm € 3500 each
Ginho Zibia
€ 3500 EUR
Noli Me Tangere
Oil and gold leaf on table.
Male Valeriano Caballero
€ 3000 EUR
Oil and gold leaf on wood. It supplied with frame.
Male Valeriano Caballero
€ 3000 EUR
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 120 90 cm x cm Year: 2015 Comment: Superb female torso, in which the artist sees conceptually LIFE. I presented...
Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez
On display
Faces of birth
This work was made for the topic Faces of the birth, with the technique of Vitroensamble.
Leda Varela Ortega
€ 250 EUR
The energy of the heart
Gouache on canvas 60x60 cm.
cristina garcia
€ 80 EUR
The cub Triana
The triana puppy expresses the last expiration of Jesus Christ.
raul lopez martin
€ 600 EUR
young ladies
Original and unique work, part of the collection of "young ladies"
Ernesto Garcia Morales
€ 300 EUR
The Earth and the Moon resonate like the drop and its reflection
Pros Albert Ariza
€ 520 EUR
The transmuted energy rises from the waters into the cosmos.
Pros Albert Ariza
€ 910 EUR
It represents the duality of the brain. Realistic and fantasy together.
Eichler Iris Gomez
On display
oil on canvas
Katrina Martin Recio
€ 900 EUR
Sunset in the savannah
Oil 3D acrylic, 3piezas
Oscar Salcedo
€ 180 EUR
Sent ...
Iñaki Lega
spring invincible
Illustrations and personal interpretation of phrase Albert Camus
Martina Button is
€ 25 EUR
Dawn of abundance eterna.jpg
With wine as the meaning of plenty, after a drought they come nymphs to fill the cups and hand barrels of freedom, playing ...
Mariano Valdivieso
€ 1000 EUR
initiatory celebration
its way to a new awareness and a new vision of life and death is celebrated. The celebration of the awakening of wisdom, art and ...
Mariano Valdivieso
€ 2000 EUR
The path of magia.jpg
The path started and their connection with magic, with consciousness and his own divinity. Recognizing that everything is governed by ancestral knowledge and choose the myth ...
Mariano Valdivieso
€ 3000 EUR
Name: Loading. Author: Javier Reyes YATAPAPUANI. Work done on 2015 table (60x90) with a mixed acrylic-oil technique. Figures are distributed apaisadamente occupying the central part ...
javier reyes kings
€ 500 EUR
The edge of piety
Surrealist art with religious themes
manuel romero ochoa
€ 1000 EUR
juan luis rodriguez vizcaino
On display
roman circus
the girl in the end nothing happens bad, it slava
€ 25 EUR
Iraide siren
Painting called "Iraide Mermaid" painted on canvas and represented one of the best known mythological beings.
Gloria Carbonell
€ 600 EUR
Lost Souls
Oil canvas as new
john cambra red
€ 600 EUR
Oil canvas, in perfect condition
john cambra red
€ 600 EUR
victorious sun and happiness
Inspired in Africa transformed into victory and celebration
Luciene Manteiga
€ 500 EUR
Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus of Nazareth: 46x38 cm, scrim tablet, layer of varnish and water-based inks, unframed color, thematic movie
Fabian Sanchez emilo Ferreyra
€ 100 EUR
This picture represents energy. Material: Oil Support: canvas sheet
Conesa ainoa Rosique
€ 40 EUR
Original, Acrylic on Canvas, Single Piece
Elena Stepnova
€ 120 EUR
I'm not feeling part 2
I'm not feeling part 2 33 Oil on wood x 24
Hc Alabiayé
€ 300 EUR
Beyond judgment
Beyond the trial Oil on wood 65 X 80
Hc Alabiayé
€ 900 EUR
The duality of a hidden desire
The duality of a hidden desire Oil on wood 68,5 x 42
Hc Alabiayé
€ 900 EUR
488 results - showing 401 - 450  
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