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Spirituality paintings for sale online. Find Spirituality Original paintings by talented artists of today. Pictures Spirituality purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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Own work
Beatriz Diaz Lopez
€ 250 EUR
Birds Paradise couple of 2.
Ave Paraiso Collection. It is sold in pairs or individually, as you can see in my profile. The beauty and magic of the Hummingbird. Intense and warm colors that give well...
Nuria Dacosta Rodal
€ 600 EUR
drop of water mail.jpg
Water drop with ripples. Painting on plaster board 1 cm thick.
robert martinez martinez
€ 25 EUR
Work done with an airbrush on 1 cm plastered wood. High quality 0% toxic acrylic paints. The painting can be framed. The table can be supported or...
robert martinez martinez
€ 45 EUR
"The revolution of love begins with a smile".
Saul Alija Moran
€ 2000 EUR
when you contemplate this painting you will see the movement of the sea in it, you will see the displacement of the sea water in a storm
Ara Maria Serrano
€ 250 EUR
I have made this work to give happiness to those who contemplate it
Ara Maria Serrano
€ 125 EUR
Buddha and lotus flower
Portrait of Buddha with Lotus flower, which represents the meditative state, hanging in the form of a pendulum with the crescent and the sun, symbolizing morning and night. ...
Maria Llorente Ganan
€ 250 EUR
Be reborn
Be reborn
Edu Gallego
€ 500 EUR
Nobody sinks the boat for me
23cm x 23cm with Frame. watercolor and graphite,
Mineudys Albornett
€ 80 EUR
i'm feeling you
The dimension of the painting with the frame is 18cmx18cm, watercolor and graphite technique
Mineudys Albornett
€ 75 EUR
Drawing with graphite b/n on paper. The measurements are 52,5x66cm with frame included and with glass protection.
Miguel Ramon Almanza Riesco
€ 630 EUR
Gouache painting on wood 28,5x40cm and 8cm thick. Ready to hang.
Miguel Ramon Almanza Riesco
€ 505 EUR
Take it.
No matter what situation you find yourself in, it is your gift. Take it and let yourself be guided by your intuition.
Patricia A. Pintos
€ 850 EUR
mangrove in summer
Ivan Garcia
€ 300 EUR
night .jpg
Acrylic on canvas 60x25 cm
Dorcas Rodriguez Ulerio
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cherry essence
Oil on canvas 60x40 cm
Dorcas Rodriguez Ulerio
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walk in
Abstract art
J Rogelio Guerra Ventura
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Sandra Carnation Serra
€ 270 EUR
Sandra Carnation Serra
€ 230 EUR
The emergence of forms of Universal energy arise from Nothingness, from a Nothingness that is Everything.
Kta Huelamo Garrido
€ 1100 EUR
The work reflects the direct connection with the Akasha, Unit, with the pulsating and creative Energy. It is the beat of the Heart of Life.
Kta Huelamo Garrido
€ 1200 EUR
colors of death
The colors of death, is a painting with a purely spiritual theme, where the colors that our brain presents when we pass to another plane of life are reflected.
give cross
On display
Acrylic inspired work in a spiritual way.
Keren Álvarez García
€ 165 EUR
Oil painting, two golden Buddhas
Lidia Gutierrez Garcia
€ 200 EUR
Hand-painted painting, acrylic technique, 54 cm x 65 cm, titled "Gods of Nature"
Jarely Flores
€ 75 EUR
Little angels
Roman Gvarliani Gegansha
Roman Gvarliani Gegansha
The stamp
Acrylic on canvas 28cmx35cm
HG Bramble
€ 350 EUR
Iz okna boga (From God's window)
Idyllic mountainous landscape.
Oleg Sjarven Markowitz
€ 40 EUR
allegories of the mind
Oil painting, abstract, motifs of the mind, dreamlike and expression of emotions.
Pablo Espino Monzon
€ 260 EUR
watercolor virgin cemetery
Alma Ibaceta Palace
€ 60 EUR
dark reflections
Acrylic work giving life to light among so much darkness8
Gerard Saiz Saiz
€ 750 EUR
depth of mind
If you have come this far it is because you are not satisfied with what is common, that you look beyond, that you want to see what cannot be glimpsed with the naked eye...
Gerard Saiz Saiz
€ 800 EUR
€ 170 EUR
Original acrylic painting on textured handmade canvas signed by the artist in front. Negotiable price, price includes shipping, packaging and certificate of authenticity, plus my paintings in my...
Alvaro Canella
€ 250 EUR
Harvesting the sowing
It was covid
I drink Baello
€ 15000 EUR
Flowers from another world
Flowers from another world. Acrylic on canvas. 80 * 54
Fernando Rubio Martinez placeholder image
€ 500 EUR
Gregory Roshan Vider
€ 250 EUR
Gregory Roshan Vider
€ 250 EUR
Artnabel - Oh Mama Acrylic on canvas, Dye transfer print, Mixed media, collage - Hand signed on the obverse - ART PEOPLE AND PLACES - 2016 41x33cm ...
Anabel Najar Colom
€ 594 EUR
my mother
I remember my mother
M. Alfonso Garcia Gonzalez
On display
The dust represents the passage of time, stillness and patience. From childhood to the present.
alfedigital-Alfonso García González
On display
Light and Sausages D
this work is light
christ white wood
€ 50 EUR
24- The Circle (100x80 cm) Oil-canvas.JPG
Oil painting from the series "Public Transport". Inspired by the relationship between human beings in our contemporary society. Oil painting from the series "Public ...
Michel V. Meulenert
€ 800 EUR
Mask "panya ngombe" .jpg
Acrylic painting of "panya ngombe" mask from the Pende tribe, DR Congo. 2018
Enrique Vargas Garcia
On display
African mask from the Aduma tribe, Gabon .jpg
Acrylic painting of African mask from the Aduma tribe, Gabon. 2017
Enrique Vargas Garcia
On display
African mask from the Galoa tribe.jpg
Acrylic painting of African mask from the Galoa tribe, Gabon. 2020
Enrique Vargas Garcia
€ 750 EUR
Zoomorphic African Mask from Bini, Nigeria .jpg
African mask acrylic painting. Nigerian zoomorphic mask. 2017.
Enrique Vargas Garcia
€ 650 EUR
488 results - showing 101 - 150  
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